We’ve never met a tough job we didn’t love. Taking the path of least resistance didn’t make us the innovative contractor we are. Hard work and a commitment to excellence did.

Arts Renovations Services has established its hard-earned reputation by finding the best solutions to tough challenges others shy away from. Our highly trained, long term staff brings extensive expertise in all trades to every project we take on, enabling faster collaboration across disciplines and a more streamlined path from the initial planning to thefinished work.

At Arts Renovations, innovation doesn’t occur solely in the design and construction phases. We pride ourselves on being equally forward-thinking when it comes keeping costs within established budgets. Whether you’re a client, architect or developer, the next time you have a challenging commercial project, call Arts Renovations and watch us roll up our sleeves and get creative.

Our Commercial Services


Whether in a negotiated Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or a Lump Sum contract format, Arts Renovations will leverage our financial strength and exceptional management to manage all project risks under one contract.


Serving as a Design Build partner allows us to directly contract with the engineering and architectural team managing the design, procurement, construction and occupancy phases. This saves clients money.


When it comes to planning and executing Tenant Improvements, Arts Renovations routinely meets the tightest deadlines and provides the necessary scheduling flexibility to perform construction at any time.


Arts Renovations identifies the most cost effective way to extract the most value from an existing structure, updating the space to new specifications while still maintaining the look and feel of original building.